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Bonnefield's Steve Kaminski has been awarded the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award for his work on The Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s board of directors. 

In an interview with Jim Algie for Better Farming (January 2015 issue), Bonnefield President Tom Eisenhauer talks about the Dufferin farmlands purchase, farmland investment in general and Bonnefield's goal to be a source of alternative capital for Canadian farm operators.


Bonnefield is the first Canadian farmland investment management company to qualify to join UN PRI, a network of global investors committed to working together to put principles of responsible investing into practice.

Bonnefield closes LP III with a total of $261,000,000 of commitments from Canadian investors.

Bonnefield announces semi-annual financial results for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I and Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II.

Bonnefield Financial announced an initial closing Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP III which received various commitments totaling $100,000,000 from Canadian investors.
Financial results for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I for the year ended December 31, 2012 include 20.24 per cent return for investors, inclusive of cash distributions.

The $22,500,000 raised for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II will be used to provide Canadian farmers with land-lease financing to help fund their growth and their succession plans as well as to help them reduce debt and improve profitability.  

"...third party investment in farmland in Canada is negligible," says Eisenhauer. Read the full interview as published in Better Farming, August/September 2012.
Tom Eisenhauer, a sought-after speaker on Canadian farmland and agri-business investment, to speak at conferences.

Paper concludes that farmland remains affordable for Canadian farmers

The sold-out event featured presentations from leading agricultural economists from the Canada and the US, a Canadian agricultural policy expert, a release of new research from Bonnefield and a keynote address from US-based Kirchner Food Security Group.
Investors in Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I experienced a 10.4 per cent return during the first six months of 2012 including cash distributions.
Bonnefield Financial announced the formation of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II to invest in Canadian farmland with a view to achieving
stable long-term growth of capital and annual income, while offering lease financing to growth-oriented Canadian farm operators.
Bonnefield Financial Inc. announces a cash distribution for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I (“LP I”) of 5.0%. Bonnefield's strategy of investing in farmland on an unlevered basis gives us the flexibility to make tax-efficient cash distributions from net income and capital gains generated in the fund.
Investors in LP I experienced a 10.4% net return during fiscal 2011 and a total compounded return of 14.0% since the fund’s inception in April 2010.
Bonnefield announces final close of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I.
Increasing farm revenue and improving farm productivity have been the major contributing factors to rising farmland prices in Canada.
Bonnefield Financial President Tom Eisenhauer speaks this month at Ag 2.0 Global Investments Conference and the 13th Annual Canadian Private Equity Summit.

Canada’s preeminent farmland investment seminar to feature speakers from leading organizations including Purdue University, Agri-Food Innovation and Regulation, George Morris Centre, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, and Farm Credit Canada

In light of the recent downgrading of the US credit rating and heightened uncertainty in Europe, investors are looking for alternatives. Bonnefield Financial President Tom Eisenhauer discusses farmland investment and Bonnefield's farmland investment fund with BNN's Howard Green.
Industry experts to discuss farmland investment and agri-business investment trends and strategies, including provincial investment policies
Tom discusses Bonnefield's Canadian farmland investment fund: its structure, how Bonnefield works with farmers and the surprisingly low relationship between commodity prices and farmland values.
Investors in agricultural commodities have always had to keep an eye on the weather. But maybe they should keep a watch on the climate too.

?Canada is suffering from small-farm syndrome. Eisenhauer became convinced of this during his two-year effort to build a fund designed to give growing Canadian farms nationwide access to investment capital—a surprising first in this country.

He hails from an East Coast seafaring family, but Tom Eisenhauer is making his mark as a landlubber these days. The former investment banker and tech investor heads Bonnefield Financial Inc., a new Canadian entry into the rising investment market for agricultural land.
May 9-10, 2011,Chicago Il
Following a successful presentation at the London conference, Bonnefield Financial President Tom Eisenhauer has been invited to present on farmland investment in Canada at the spring conference.
Andrew Bell and David Kaufman take BNN viewers off the beaten path of investing and outline some alternative money-making strategies with Tom Eisenhauer.
Bonnefield today announced another round of financing of its Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I which took place on December 1, 2010. — OTTAWA, Canada, January 13th, 2011
Bonnefield Financial's Tom Eisenhauer was recently featured in a publication highlighting expert insights from the recent World Agriculture Investment Conference in London. — OTTAWA, Canada, October 12th, 2010
Today, FCC released its most recent report covering the period from January 1st to June 30th 2010 — October 4th, 2010
Bonnefield featured in La Presse Affaires article - MONTREAL, Canada, June 12th, 2010
New private fund preserves "Farmland for Farming" ™ — OTTAWA, Canada, May 12th, 2010
Experienced scientist brings specialized soil management expertise to farmland management and investment firm — OTTAWA, Canada, January 5th, 2010
Bay Street veteran to manage fund operations and farmland investments — OTTAWA, Canada, July 6, 2009
Long-time farm operator and realtor an asset to farmland management and investment firm — OTTAWA, Canada, January 2009


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